i7 4770k and evga 760 bottleneck issues

Will a i7 4770k

and a evga gtx 760

bottleneck each other? I've been told yes and no but never given a reason why so I thought I'd ask here.
In case you need to know what motherboard I'm using its this one
my screen resolution is 1280x1024 as well.
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  1. No, no bottlenecking will occur in this situation AT ALL, end of story, everyone who told you "yes" is wrong lol...sorry.

    the 4770k is the top of the line processor that isn't $1000. for gaming, it is plenty fast enough for even quad 780ti's. so no, no bottlenecks
  2. There is a bottleneck here, it's your GPU (gtx 760). Because your CPU is so powerful, the GPU can't match its power. When you get your PC setup, check the CPU usage and the GPU usage, you'll see that the GPU is at around 100% usage all the time, whereas the CPU would be around 60% maybe. It's not that balanced, but I'm also not saying that it's not good. It's good, it's just that the CPU of your choice is overkill for your GPU. But if you're going to use your rig as a workstation too, then the i7 is perfect for you.
  3. Yes i guess this does fit the description of a bottleneck, but it is not quite the same as with a low power cpu holding back a gpu. yes, the cpu is overkill, but does allow for a slightly longer lifespan of performance. You would get a smoother experience from an i5-4670k and a gtx 770 (about the same price as the combo you picked)
  4. typically you want the gpu to be the source of slowdown rather than your processor, as gpu upgrades can yeild MASSIVE performance gains, while having the cpu be your bottleneck can often require upgrading to a new socket which will also require a new motherboard (exception of intel and the i3, or amd and their AM3+ socket, as the performance for the socket in general has a HUGE range).
  5. Thanks guys, so if I upgrade to a 770 instead will that make things run noticeably better (and warrant the extra $100) And if I do go with the 770 will a seasonic g series 650w be enough or should I go with a stronger psu as well?
  6. A 650w is more than enough for a 770, I have my 780 running on a 530w PSU. haha Stable so far. :) I suggest the 770 or 780 bro. :)
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    That cpu is the most powerful of it's socket, so no, it won't bottleneck anything.

    the thing that is wrong with having it is that the gaming performance would be higher if you had bought the 4670k for $100 less, and spent that money on a better gpu.

    So basically don't worry about upgrading your processor for quite a few years
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