Hard drive is showing up in boot menu, but not bios... why?

When I boot my computer, I can go to boot options and select my hard drive, and it'll boot fine. However, the drive is not a boot option in my bios. Why would this be?
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  1. Have you tried updating your bios it sounds like a faulty bios
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    Which sata connector is the drive connected to?
    If the drive is connected to an addin card or RAID controller, the BIOS will see the card rather than the drive.
    You can see the drive by entering the setup utility for the card or RAID controller.
    This is often a CTRL-S or CTRL-R combination during the boot process, after the hit F2 or Del to enter BIOS option.
  3. Also some motherbds also have additional controllers , such as Marvell or AsMedia, who's drives often show up on other screens instead.

    What Vincent said about addin or raid cards applies to your Intel or Amd chipset sata ports too; if they are in raid mode the drives will not show up in the bios.
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