what should I salvage from my old HP desktop?

it's about 8 years old now, the motherboard died on it so it stopped turning on. should I salvage anything besides the hard drive? would the 4gb of ram come in handy if it 's that old?
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  1. No the ram is useless and if your harddrive isnt sata its also not salvagable and parallel isnt compatible on todays computers. The case itself and the case fans may be salvagable depening on there condition
  2. why not just get a new mobo? i'm sure you can find one for cheap on ebay. unless you need to upgrade, you didn't say if you did or not.
  3. LOL a computer that old should definatly be upgraded unless you plan on playing solitaire
  4. what if he just browses for everyday use? not all people game dude, i'm sure it'll be fine for everyday use and he didn't specify so i thought maybe a mobo purchase would be a good choice. again, i wouldn't reccomend it if it was for gaming or such things like that.

    and yeah, that's basically what it is, browsing is just like solitaire, again he didn't specify. so i went according to that. i'm running a 2.1 ghz laptop with an old pentium m and it's more then enough for everyday browsing, hell i can even play warcraft 3 on it if i didn't upgrade my desktop recently. i chat a lot so having two is essential.
  5. even for browsing a athlon 64 x2 is pretty damn slow and runs almost maxed out for browsing i couldnt imagine even older tech trying to browse today. Picture sizes have increased alot video streming require alot more then what 8 years ago had to offer. never mind the fact its probably running an extremely dated operating system which is extemely vulnerable and incompatible with everything. So yes its a complete waste to fix it
  6. i disagree with the vulnerability issue, as xp has enough protection as i am running that. and that's a rare case to have an attack dude, idk what your browsing but it should be safe. slow? how fast do you need internet explorer to be? jesus christ dude, get with the technology here. video streaming? i'm streaming just fine on this laptop and it's not exactly the fastest cpu to get. i know, but it gets the job done, why send him out on money binge when he didn't state, that's why i put that he didnt' specify.

    it's not a complete waste dude, i'd say find a cheap part from ebay, it should be easy. plus video streaming? i got something to say to that. since i'm an expert on building computers. what could you possibly be watching? i mean i have a 1920x1200 screen and i bet it's better then yours. what is the standard like 1080p right? i mean seriously, it's how you choose your hardware man. not the latest and the greatest and some laptops can't even do this resolution, (but props goes to dell for creating a 3200,1800 screen) i got to admit i only upgrade when resolutions come out, it's the best thing to do, and i been drooling over it ever since it came out, can't wait to get it. and this laptop is really really freaking old. and it's fast enough for me, in fact, i didn't even upgrade the 4,200 rpm hard drive cause i didn't need it.

    i really think your sending this guy in a money binge, that's all i got to say. and i beg to differ it's being maxed out, i mean even my 2.1 ghz sits idle while browsing the internet so i don't know what your talking about man. whatever your smoking i want some of that delusional stuff.
  7. He is going to end up spending a good amount of money regardless, just by upgrading he gets a new computer. Read what he said, it's an 8 year old computer that won't start. He is assuming it is the motherboard but we don't know for sure. Plus being all old who knows what else is about to die? It's a little like a car. If your transmission dies at 100k miles sure fix it. If it dies at 300k miles, let it go.
    Anyways, I read the question as he already decided to upgrade and wanted to know if there is anything worth re using, which is no, not really.
  8. what a waste though, it's not really like a car, parts just don't really die as long as you don't touch it, i have this from experience, again that's a rare case. besides it's cheap to pick up a mobo from ebay. it's not like a car at all, cause a car breaks accordingly. from my expert experience, i never heard of a desktop breaking like a car. it was just a suggestion and he can do what he wants, i'm not syaing he has to, i was just giving a suggestion to save money. i mean seriously, i fixed old computers before and i highly doubt he's going to have to fix it again. again, that's a rare case and i don't know where you got the car term from. a new computer can break just as easily as an old one, so it's really not like that.

    again, it was just a suggestion. don't have to get all pms on the situation. also, i'm assuming he knows what he's doing by saying the mobo is broken.

    i fixed my friends motherboard a couple years ago and that was the only part broken, not to mention it's really old like his situation. till this day it still works fine ever since, like i said, it's really not like a car.

    anyways, there's the defintion of a suggestion. i suggest you start with learning english. oh wait, you'll probably miss the definition of suggestion again. lol. nobody is forcing him to do anything, it's his choice.
  9. I understand what you are saying, I just don't think there is any comparison at all. It isn't that the computer is old per say. You are right that just being old doesn't make it bad., I have an old Q6600 from 2008 and it works great. But this isn't a comparable situation at all. His computer doesn't even turn on at all! Do you see how that is different? He has a broken, none functioning computer from 8 years ago that he is looking to scrap for spare parts. That is not at ALL like a working computer that just needs a little TLC. That is where I was going with the car analogy....
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    well, i think it was a good suggesion none the less, i mean i don't think it's going to break or anything. i have an old 4600 that needed a new power supply and it works great. again, even if it's eight years old i think he can still salvage to build it again. i mean it was working all this time until his mobo went out. or supposedly. but who knows, all it was is a suggestion cause he appears to know what he is doing.

    but if he needed to upgrade for any reason that'd be a different story.

    also, i bought a used laptop inspiron 9200 with a broken mobo, fixed it for cheap cause he didn't know what he was doing when it broke. so i got a good deal. works great, so not all is lost. again with experience, it's all a matter of paying attention to what you have and making the best of it.

    another example is my brother needed a new thermostat today for his car, he replaced the part for 120 dollars and the car is getting pretty old.

    like i said, it's really up to him, when i post i never force any suggestion, i just give options in what i think might help.

    anyways, i'm laughing at what firo said, and i'm curious as what he's going to post and if he smokes anything because that was just hilarious what he said about the video streaming. lol. i was like "what?" he's making like we live in the future of virtual reality pictures or something. LOL! *laughs in real life. that's ridiculous firo about everything you said and the internet explorer lagging a system and eating up resources almost at it's fullest. i was laughing going "what is this guy smoking?"

    you must have some like muscle car internet explorer or something that i need to check in to.
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