i5 3570K or i7 3770?

Long story short i'm building a ivy rig but i cant decide between these 2 CPU's:
-i5 3570k (Overclockable)
-i7 3770 (Non-Overclockable)
The i5 is only $50 cheaper than the i7 so I would buy a half decent cooler and OC the i5
So what one is better an overclocked i5 or the i7?
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    Unless your just using this for video editing or photoshop the overlcoked i5 will benchmark way higher then the stock i7 in games.
  2. if you're getting a Z77 board, get the K cpu. if you're going with a H77 get the i7 instead.
  3. Don't forget that 3770 will overclock a little too! 400mhz to be exact.
  4. If you are not getting a Z77 motherboard, get a Xeon e3-1230v2 instead of either of them.
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