Default Gateway Not Available WiFi Issue

So about every hour my wifi will disconnect and say that the default gateway is not available (through the troubleshooter).

Also I know this isn't a hardware issue because it works just fine on windows 7.
Also this is a pretty fresh install.

I have to unplug and plug in my wifi ADAPTER.

Wifi adapter: Asus AC53 dualband

Router: Zyxel PoS

OS: Windows 8.1 (I had this issue on windows 8)

This is a desktop.

fx 8350
970a-g46 board
xlr8 pro ssd
7870 ghz

What i've tried doing to fix it:

Making sure the computer can't turn off the adapter to save power

Turned computer on high performance, disabled core parking, and other wifi options in there.

Disabled the bluetooth thing that people had troubles with.

Ipconfig ss:
Using googles free DNS

All help is appreciated.

Also I've updated all the drivers and tried the older drivers.
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