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I am trying to decide on crossfire or buy a newer card. I have a XFX AMD 6850 that I unlocked and went up to 6870 bios and it helped on benchmarks with OC. So if I crossfire another 6870 would that be 960 + 1120 streams so how would that perform vs a R9 270x.

AMD 1100t
8 Gb ram
650w PSU
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    A crossfire solution would, in theory double your performance so it would be better than an R9 270X, yes. However, a good amount games are not fully optimised for crossfire and can actually decrease performance. Before crossfiring, I might recommend a higher watt PSU. A good Seasonic/Corsair unit 750W would be great for crossfire. In general though, a more powerful single card solution has less issues than a crossifre one. So you could possibly resell your 6850 or something to a friend and buy something along the lines of a gtx770 or 7950 if your GPU can support it. Good luck!
  2. howiewowie said:

    no problem! 700w seems good enough, but it is your decision how quality you think the power supply is. Here is a tiered list for power supplies.
    If you are willing to spend more money for a more quality PSU, I would highly recommend this.
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