R9 290 Crossfire Confirmation

I just read the Crossfire FAQ and wish to confirm what I understood.

I currently have a reference XFX R9 290 and Purchased a Saphire R9 290 TriX OC. They will have slightly different GPU/Memory clocks.

They should work fine in Crossfire correct?

Also can I enable/disable crossfire on demand through the Catalyst control?
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    Correct, they will work fine in Crossfire.

    To disable Crossfire right-click your desktop and select "Catalyst Control Center". On the upper-left click "Graphics", then "CrossfireX". In the main area of the window, uncheck the "Enable Crossfire" option.
  2. I believe, though I'm no expert, that if you have the same model GPU and same amount of memory, it should work. like a 7750 can be crossfired with a 7770 simply because the GPU model is the same, but the 7770 is Overclocked.
  3. Is you don't mind my asking, where did you find the tri-x and how much did you pay?
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