My EVGA GTX 560 ti has a high temp

When idling my EVGA gtx 560 ti is at 61 c. It is not overclocked. I have a large 140mm fan set to its highest speed blowing directly on it. Should I look into an aftermarket cooler? Would applying new thermal paste help?
Thanks guys
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    Very likely the thermal paste has worn off (assuming you have this GPU for more than 1-2 years), try replacing it and see if temps get better.
  2. Okay thanks I will try that and post again with the results!
  3. Thanks RaDiKaL_ I reapplied the thermal paste, replacing it with AS5. The old stuff was really dry and I could tell it was the problem when i saw it. My temps are great now. I idle around 32 c now, and it drops a lot more when I turn my fan up with MSI AB.
    Thanks again!
  4. Good to see the problem is solved.
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