MSI R9 290 gaming 4g or MSI R9 280X on single monitor 1080p

my first time build new rig but im stuck with on those graphics card, 1. MSI R9 280x
2. finally MSI R9 290 gaming 4g release in my country (just pass the MSI R9 290x 4g gaming)

here's my spec
- FX 8350
- MSI 990FXA-GD80
- patriot PV3 8G 186 C9KRD
- graphics card haven't choose yet
- kingston hyperx 120gb
- seagate baraccuda 1tb
- nzxt kraken x60
- fsp aurum 750w 80+ gold
- case tower haven't choose yet
- i'm going to use my led tv 42" 1080p until 4k monitor drop price $300-$400

1. please tell me which one is good to buy msi r9 280x or r9 290 gaming 4g ???

2. is there any difference between led tv 42" 1080p and the 24" monitor 1080p ???

3. any mid tower suport nzxt kraken x60 ( actually i love nzxt phantom 410 but they aren't support 280mm radiator )

4. if i choose AMD Vishera FX-9590 4.7Ghz stock clock + r9 280x or r9 290 gaming is it same perfomance as the fx 8350 4.7 - 5.0 ghz overclock ???
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  1. for me FX 8350 and R9 280X are enough
  2. Best answer
    Due to the widespread 290 powertune throttle on the core the 280x can outperform the 290 in many situations.

    My Sapphire 280x, wipes the floor with the 290 msi gaming edition.
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