Something is wrong with my audio: When I try to use my speakers I get no sound from anything.....

Apart from the sound configuration test 'pings' all other sounds are muted unless I use headphones. I don't know what caused this but I only noticed it because I wanted to show a video to a friend and nothing came out of the speakers... I usually keep them muted while I'm in classes but It doesn't seem to matter whether they are muted or not.
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  1. does your system have a sound configuration program you may have the mic and external on but not the speakers.
  2. Do you mean this: http://

  3. Yes but are you using your speakers or the hdmi output to your sharp???? if your using your sharp enable that.
  4. Just the speakers.
  5. do you have a hdmi cable plugged into the tv/monitor as well?
  6. Not right now, I gave up on it. But the sound still doesn't work. I think there might be something wrong with the way my sound card interacts with my browser/ VLC media player depending on what I'm trying to do.
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    if your using the hdmi cable it will send the sound thru it and if you add speakers you will have to go into the control panel and disable the sound out for the hdmi because if your gpu card that supporting the sound out will take control I have both set up in my system in order for me to use one or the other I have to disable one in the control panel system device manager is where you will find it.
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