Mixing these memories with slightly different voltages, is it legit?

I'm looking to get more RAM. I can't find the chip I bought originally or anything that's exactly the same. I would just buy all new RAM, but I'm a poor college student so that's really not ideal.

The ram I currently have installed linked here. It has the following specs:
- DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
- 9-9-9
- Cas Latency 0
- 1.6V
My mobo won't run RAM at this speed, it's actually running at 1333 (CPU-Z shows it at 667MHz). I can't find anything that matches frequency, timing, latency, and voltage, but I can find ones that match everything but are 1.5V or 1.65V, such as this or this.

Would either of these chips work with what I have now? Will the fact that my mobo underclocks 1600MHz RAM affect what I purchase? If I have to try to mix and match, what is the least important spec to have matching?

Thank you for your help.
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  1. It's not good to mix ram, it causes system instability.
  2. Your memory controller will have a hard time dealing with your memory modules and will cause for an unstable system. Do some burn-test if you wish to use that kind of setup. It will most likely fail at some point.
  3. Thanks guys.

    cinnamon cider said:
    It will most likely fail at some point.

    When you say 'at some point', does that mean that mixing RAM is going to affect its lifespan? I'm planning on just buying a straight upgrade, but if it won't damage any components, I see no reason not to throw the old chip in with the new and see if it'll run. If memtest doesn't give me any problems does that mean my RAM has the PC Gods' blessing until its normal expiration date?
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    I can't really say if it'll really damage your components. It may cause instability but it doesn't mean that it'll kill your parts right-of-the-bat. Isn't it that you want to have your PC running with a peace in your mind? ;)
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