Upgrading!(MOBO,PROCESSOR,GPU) Need advice and suggestions!

welcome all, I currently have a m68m-s2p gigabyte motherboard which I want to upgrade I am planning to buy everything I need tomorrow I have a TigerDirect store close to my area so I probably will be buying everything I need there I have a mid tower pc the things I am planning o upgrade are:
motherboard : m68m-s2p
Processor: amd athlom x2
GPU: Radeon 4850
My budget is 350$
I am also looking for a gaming computer build what would be the best bang for buck and top items I should get to upgrade based on TigerDirect inventory I heard fx-6300 and Radeon 7790 would be good but idk which motherboard I also have around 3gb ram or 4gb ram not sure should I get 8gb? please help me this is my first attempt to building something
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  2. also I was looking for an upgrade to get Asus Radeon HD 7770 2GB! and FX-6300 idk?
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    While there aren't any upgrade paths, the AMD Athlon X4 760k ($90), AMD R9 270 ($200), and the MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 ($60) would likely give you the most performance, with the AMD FX 6300 ($120), AMD R7 260X ($150), and MSI 970A-G43 ($70) being more balanced with the possibility to upgrade in the future. As for the 4 GBs, it isn't a major issue, but one that might be worth fixing in the future. TigerDirect usually has some good deals, so you might want to see about fitting it in after you've gotten everything else.
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