WINDOWS 7 BLUE SCREEN 'STOP' MSG! Neither startup repair nor advance mode restore work...HELP PLEASE!

I am new to computers as this Toshiba Satellite L505 gs6000 is my an idiot,about a yr agI thought I could figure out how to fix connectivity/ip conflict on home network without consulting anyone,at all. I got connected only because I apparently linked my user ip with network host computer, causing ip conflict. After several failed backup/restore point attempts, I gave up,shutdown and haven't even turned on until a few wks ago...surprised to see it seemed to ge working...then windows stopped being able to update,I had Seagate GoFlex 1TB ext.hard drive attatched apparently when in a rush to go out I tried a restore from control luck.Then startup repair loaded itself but failed, as well as last knwn good config, and advance system repair.Now, I have stop msg blue screen when windows tries to load and all I can do is get to command prompt though repeat attempts of startup/advance repair modes have faiked.Is my best option to use Windows Recovery Environment disc, Toshiba Apps&Drivers disc, my Toshiba Recovery disks (3), or all?Please Help! And Thank You in advance for helpful advice.
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  1. Have you tried formatting the disk first then try a restore?
  2. johnnyb105 said:
    Have you tried formatting the disk first then try a restore?

    No.I am a total novice...I know only how to make things worse, lol.Are u talking about formatting/restoring ext. disk, or system disk? How would I get to that option and should I keep ext. drive connected during this? Any other tips or advice that would be obvious to you, that I wouldnt think of?
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  4. You will need a windows disk to do this a system restore disk may or may not work...
  5. Thanx johnnyb!..i glanced at your provided links, thanx again and I will certainly give it a try after I read more details, when I have the time.i will post results after.
  6. Your welcome and I hope my help help you in this.
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