I have a £1300-£1800 price range.


I was just wondering if any of you could help put a build together for me. Il most likely be getting it from http://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/ as I have no idea on how to build my own.
The games I will be primarily playing are BF4, World of Warcaft, DayZ, and a few others along the line.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You come to a place that will suggest building your own computer, it will save you money, give you experience, be easy, and get you exactly what you want, are you sure you do not want to build your own? If you don't I understand you have your reasons then.
  2. build it yourself is my recommendation or get a tech savy friend or relative to help you. it might take more time, but you'll enjoy building it and save money. if you don't have the time or a tech savy friend or relative get the infinity level 10 prebuilt one as it will rock bf4 on ultra same with world of warcraft and dayZ
  3. why you should build it on your ow.:
    1)You will save alot of money.
    2)Gain knowledge.
    3)Can look for solutions if something goes wrong in your system.
    4)You will feel satisfied in terms of the components you wanted.

    Help required:
    1)We all have that one friend with pc building knowledge.
    2)Watch youtube videos esp from Newegg and carl.(i personally learnt from there)

    So i would recommend you to build it on your own and we are always here to help you.
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