is the ATI radeon HD 2600 pro better or worse than the e-geforce 8600 GTS

Hey I was wondering if the radeon 2600 hd pro wad better or worse than the e-geforce 8600 GTS, I can get the 8600 But was wondering if it was worth it
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  1. both r too weak compared to todays gaming
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    The 8600 GTS will be noticeably faster than the HD 2600 Pro.
    To be honest though, both of these cards are extremely dated and underpowered by current standards and I would not recommend spending anything to obtain either.
    What ever budget you have, no matter how tight, should be saved for a much more modern card.
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    its marginally worse. but in reality both are to weak for todays games. both register at around 250 on pass mark, while a 9800gt which is minimum recommended spec for new games pushes 700+
    the 650ti recomended as the minimum you actually want to buy if your a gamer today, pushes 2700+.
    the gtx 780 rocks near enough 8000 points.

    i just gave these as an example of how far back the 2600pro and 8600 are and neither are worth your money.
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