Driver update AMD ( Need HELP)

hey guys i need some help... i noticed the new AMD driver came out and i want to update, i have the 13.9 driver at the time but what i need to know is what to do in order. like do i need to uninstall all my GPU stuff or can i just auto detec. on amds website and just go download from 13.9 - 13.12? if i need to uninstall plz let me know what to do in order. thanks guys i have windowns 7 64bit AMD 7970 oc w/boost (sapphire) w/ driver 13.9

if i can just simply update from 13.9-13.12 without having to uninstall anything and using auto det. on amd's let me know plz
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    All you need to do is download 13.12, install, and restart your PC. Simple! :)
  2. thanks
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