Large Fluctuations in Wireless Speed

I built a new PC, and for several weeks, it had consistent wireless speed of about 25 Up / 20 Down Mbps (

Lately, I've been noticing lag while gaming (SC II). It was very frequent but short lag, so presented as little "stutters" without ever starting my time-out clock. They are not graphics-based stutters, as there is no drop in FPS.

I checked my wireless speed again, and It was at 3 up / 1 down. I checked my router's firmware, updated my PCI Wireless driver, and restarted everything. I thought it had improved (10 up/ 10 down, then 20 up / 20 down) but it dropped all the way back to <10 up/down. shows high fluctuations in speed - even during the individual tests; at times it seems to be around 1 Mbps and at times around 15.

The wired internet speed is consistent and high. I tried another computer on wireless, and it had the same problem with the wireless speed.

I am using Verizon FIOS with the router they provided. I know it is a shitty router, but I don't know what could cause a -change- like this when nothing else changed.

Any ideas or more info I need to provide?

For example, I uploaded a speedtest screenshot:

It shows the up-and-down stuff I mentioned above. It is 10 mbps, still about half my normal speed, and that is my "best" server (others are often below 5 Mbps). The frequent "drops" fit with my in-game experience of frequent stutters.
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    You need to test on a wired connection to make sure there is no problem with the internet coming into your house or the router.

    This is a pretty normal thing for wireless. Interference from other people in houses around you comes and goes. This is why it is recommended to play games on a wired system.
  2. Thanks for the response! I actually just solved the issue by changing the wireless channel (from auto to 6) in the router settings... I thought I had I already tried that, but apparently it reset the channel auto when I rebooted the Router. Since doing that, my speeds are back to 25 download / 20 upload and no more dips up and down. No more in game lag either.

    So if anyone else has same problem, try that.
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