New Build, How do you install Windows 8.1 using a bootable USB?

I know this question has likely been asked many times, but I've searched various discussions and sites asking and explaining, and I still don't have it all clear in my hear. Sorry! It'd be reassuring to get direct answers to my questions.

Among other tutorials, I've read this one The method I'd like to follow is to go through the Command Prompt (DISKPRT, PARTITION, etc) to prepare a bootable USB, and essentially not needing to download a "third party tool".

The computer I'm using now has Windows Vista, btw. Preparing for my new build.

Here are my questions,

1. A doubt I have. If I just download Windows 8.1 Pro into an empty (not reformatted) USB, will it ask me if I want to make it bootable at the end? (thus making it a bootable USB?)

2. I think I must reformat beforehand, not after. So I should reformat USB using the Command Prompt method first. And then I should download Windows 8.1 pro *INTO* the bootable USB. And hit cancel if it asks me if I want to run it. Is this correct? (Will it ask me if I want to make it bootable? not sure if this makes sense)

And then with the bootable USB containing the OS, I should plug it into my new build, turn the PC on and go into BIOS and set it to boot to via the USB first. Upon rebooting, the installation will run and it'll ask me for a product key (even without being online).

Thank you so much! :)
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  1. Hi Wintersnow
    there is a very easy utility to create your bootable utility. It is called RUFUS. completely free and safe, not to mention very easy to use. download your windows 8.1 ISO file and pop in your USB stick. open up rufus and set the filesystem to NTFS, then select to create a bootable disk using an iso file and browse to your downloaded ISO file. go go and it will do the rest!

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Plug in your USB.
    Download this:
    Open the program, and use your USB when it askes which one you would like to use.
    It will ask your to format it, press yes. (takes usually less than 5min)
    Afterwards press next and it will start to make a bootable USB.
    When it's done, restart the PC, enter BIOS, put USB as the first bootorder, and it will start. Try hit F12.
    When i have to install win8, i press F12, and it pops up where i can choose which bootorder i'd like to start up with.
  3. thanks for the responses,

    but, I also need to install the Windows 8.1 into the newly-made bootable drive, afterwards, right?

    I'm not sure what ISO is @__@

    EDIT: oh, the link above states "Next, check the box named Create a bootable disk using, select ISO Image and then click the CD/DVD icon to browse to the Windows 8.1 ISO file.". So I best download the Windows 8.1 file into the desktop first, and then drop it into the USB as I make it bootable?
  4. yep. it will format it and make it bootable with that image file all at the same time. no complex steps no messing around ;)
  5. Yes. It's easy as that :)
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