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I am wondering do I have to upgrade my PSU :( I read here on this site that minimum is like...600W is that true? And if much more does it need to have is 600 okay or should i go with something more like 750-850? And the last would brands like Artic or XTX are any good or better to spend 30euro more and get a 70+ one at least with silver certificate yes? I didnt know that before and I just connected 520W one and now when mobo got power it doesn't want to start up spins fans for a second and stops. Please help im tired using my mobile as a PC :). Regards
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  1. with power supply's and video cards. look at the 12v rail. if your power supply has one rail read it rated amps and voltage rating. if your cpu is a 100w and your gpu uses 300w you need a 400w min on the 12v line to be safe you get a 500-550w unit on the 12v line. when a video card vendor says 600w min it because most units in 600w will have more amps and wattage then the cpu and gpu and other parts will need. with power supply the standard bronze units are fine if you use a cosair or seasonic or known good brand. a lot of cheap brands are misleading on there output and if there been tested.
  2. ok i get it! ill look it up! so basically it says 18A and power 480W max combined 520 and what you ppl write here it is good to have at leas 30A?And do you think I can give the one i have broken for refubr? I changed the fuse but its not working either.
  3. see if your power supply has more then one 12v rail. 18amp is 216w or to low for that card.
    a 480w 12v line would be 40amps. a 600w would be close to 50 amps. (watts/voltage=amps) 120w/12v=10amps
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    if it under warranty i would contact the vendor see if they replace it. if not you have to buy a new power supply.
  5. As far as im concern and what it says im manual: its Triple 12V rail 40A on 520w MAX! Truth is its not really telling me much! its still kinda Matrix for me! What do you think then ? thanks
  6. I've no warranty so I guess ill go for the new one! thanks so much for help !! very appreciated !
  7. pawel to let you know there two types of power supplys out there. the older muilt rail units. with muilt rails the plus 12 is split 2 or 3 times. so if it was 60 amps max and split twice then each half of the rail could handle 30 amps. newer gpu are so power hungry now that power supply vendors have switched over to one large rail . so if the unit does 60 amps on the 12v rail then there 60 amps for the video cards.
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