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hi , can i use an AMD fx 9590 cpu on my asus crosshair 4 formula motherbord ? cause it is am3 socket ,not am3+
i should combine it with two hd 7870 ghz editions for use with bf4 .

grtz Jordy
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    I havent read up on it, but you cannot normally use the 9xxx series in normal am3+ motherboards, as they draw too much power.
    It would be a better move to get a 8320 with decent cooling. The 9590 is a overclocked 8320.
  2. Your MoBo seems to be capped at 140W processors. The FX-9590 is a 220W part (holy mother of god!), so you probably should keep it away from your system.
    I agree with vmN, the 8320 is a wiser purchase.
  3. but i can purchase an crosshair 5 formula with am3+ to use an 9590, or is that too much in combination with 7870's in crossfire on bf4? should it bottleneck my cpu's then?
  4. and will my corsair rm850w will be enough for such a cpu?
  5. The 9590 is an awful bad purchase. You will be paying a hefty price for a CPU that is just a overclocked 8320 CPU. For gaming it's also an unbalanced purchase, as you will see small gains in most titles.

    If you really want a faster FX processor, IMO you should buy a FX-8320 (and every parts you may need for that) and overclock it.
  6. forget the 9590.
    Go with the 8320. Why pay more for something you can do yourself within 5 minutes?
    There is so many things wrong with buying a 9590.
    Get the 8320, get a decent cooler might even get a SSD, and have more joy than a power-hungry 9590.
  7. AM3+ CPUs can not be added to AM3 motherboards.

    As said above. Forget the 9590 and go for the 8350. However you will need to get a new motherboard too.
  8. i have now added an hd 6990 4gb graphics card to my setup in combi with the 1090t ,but my fps in bf4 are 33-50 on ultra and the same on low ..
    may i have to buy another mobo and an fx 8350 cpu or can i upgrade this cpu to get approx +- 80 fps without drops on bf4? my setup is now :

    asus crosshair 4 formula mobo (am3)
    corsair rm850 psu
    corsair 4 gb 2133 mhz memory
    *no name* 2 gb memory 1333 mhz
    corsair h50 cpu cooling
    kingston 60 gb ssd ( only win7 and bf4 )
    500 gb sata hdd
    VTX hd 6990 graphics card
    CPU : amd phenom 2 x6 1090t 3.2 ghz --now running on oem overclock mode (c4f) @ 3.7 ghz

    thanks guys for taking time to help me out
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