Why are games crashing to destkop and then after clickin on it in windows bar, works only sound?

This is somenthing with graphics... I tried DVD Drivers and newest... but the same. My specs :
MSI FM2-A55M-P33 - AMD A55
Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 XMP
AMD A8-6600K Black Edition
Seasonic Energy Knight SS-500ET, T3 500W OEM
I didnt overclock
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    Could be caused by corrupted DirectX files. Download and install this. It will overwrite any bad files.

    If that doesn't work your GPU could be unstable. Even if you didn't touch the clocks it is probably factory overclocked.
    Get it to run at 1000Mhz core clock and 1125Mhz memory clock.
  2. Ok, directx reinstall seems to helped. In any problem I will appear here again...
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