MotherBoard Asrock z87 Formula with 6 x PCIe & 1 x MiniPCIE slot - Can I fit an extra GPU on the MiniPCIE with a convertor


Now its obvious what Ill do with it , I will plug it into my Mini PCIe Slot then use a 1x - 16x riser to plug in my GPU for MINING,, NOT GAMING ONLY Mining... So I am assuming I should be able to get full hash rate is has rate doesnt affect 1x - 16x lanes slots

And Both the 1x-16x Riser is Powered AND the MINIpcie Slot adapter & off course the GPU... so there is no shortage of power

What do you think?
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  1. I've heard of people using risers so I assume this should work.
  2. This is what I think? I was hoping someone has tried and confirmed but this is OK I think I will be the 1st it looks like :) Still waiting for the Dammm MiniPCI converter adpater. HongKong Post is the slowest in the WORLD
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