Windows 8.1 Laptop boots faster than Desktop

Desktop (1 month old) Specifications:
i7 4771
16 GB
GPU 760
SSD 840 evo 120
HDD 1 TB Caviar Blue

Laptop (6 months old) Specifications:
Pentium B950 (2,1 Ghz)
4 GB
Intel graphics
HDD 500 GB

Both PCs have the same windows settings.
SSD on desktop is optimized according to Samsung Magician.
In the desktop bios fast boot is enabled.

From the press of the power button the times are as follows:
Desktop: time for the login screen 12-13 secs
time to desktop tiles (after the login screen) 8 secs.
time to shut down: 7-8 secs
time to load chrome first time: 4 secs

Laptop: time for the login screen 10 secs
time to desktop tiles (after the login screen) 6 secs
time to shut down: 15-16 secs.
time to load chrome first time: 10 secs

How come my laptop is 4 secs faster than the desktop in start up, although it has much better hardware and the same windows 8.1 settings?
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  1. Could be the motherboard settings. Some will delay booting longer in order to have reaction time to use the function keys. There's usually a setting for it in the BIOS. Also, could be the number of startup processes is different between the two. Either way, those are both good boot times, and I think you might be splitting hairs :P
  2. Okay i don't think that you are an idiot, but have you checked to make sure that the OS on the desktop has been installed on the ssd? In the tech world sometimes the problems are right in front of us and we don't see it, I have made sooooooo many mistakes of this sort.
  3. I really thank you for the feedback.

    1) The OS is installed on the SSD.

    2) The times are good but with so much advertising of the SSDs I would expect a big difference compared to a HDD system.
    I wouldn't expect to be slower, even that little...
    All start up programs are disabled in both systems from the task manager.

    Maybe the fact that there is a discrete video card on the desktop, as well as 2 storage disks (SSD and HDD) relates to the little bit slower start up. In particular the laptop comes to the Bios Logo 3 secs faster than the desktop. It also logs in Windows 2-3 seconds faster.
  4. I really think it's the reasons I posted. Just differences in what occurs during startup. It's actually not that your SSD is slower, but rather that the laptop has less to accomplish. I'd imagine your desktop would boot a LOT slower with a mechanical drive.
  5. Also there's more memory. Sometimes it checks memory on startup, and the more memory you have the longer it takes.
  6. I would also be willing to bet that you have more storage on the hdd which windows checks for data corruption upon startup.
  7. rjvitt said:
    I would also be willing to bet that you have more storage on the hdd which windows checks for data corruption upon startup.

    that is true.
    on laptop there is 417 gb free out of 500gb
    whereas the desktop hdd 1 tb is empty
  8. did you also notice that the shutdown time at the laptop is longer than the desktop?
    maybe this is another reason why the desktop start up is slower, since the fast boot windows feature is enabled...
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