Replacing AMD card with Nvidia. What needs to be done?

Hi. I'm getting a 780 ti today which will replace my two 7950s.
What should I do with the drivers?
Just delete the Catalyst in the control panel?
Anything else I should do? Thanks
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  1. Basically yes, just delete your AMD drivers and download the NVIDIA drivers off the geforce website. Make sure to download Geforce Experience to get your drivers updated automatically, your games optimized, and shadowplay.
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    Uninstall the drivers and use Ccleaner just to make sure there is no trace left from the 7950s, restart the PC and install the new drivers :)
  3. Just uninstall the old drivers.
    Place the card.
    Connect the psu cables.
    Install the latest drivers from nvidia site.
    Happy gaming.
  4. Nice! Anyway, uninstall the Catalyst drivers completely first through Control Panel. Reboot into Safe Mode after this is done. While in Safe Mode, run a program such as Driver Fusion to clean every little bit of the driver possible, the free version removes enough to be absolutely fine.

    Take the old cards out, put the new on in. After the computer's on, install the Nvidia drivers, and there you have it!
  5. yeah that pretty much it. after doing that turn off your pc. than replace the graphics card. now install the drivers for the gtx 780 ti from the disk you probably got with the gpu...if not than u can get the drivers from the net :)
  6. Thanks for the replies. I knew I need to uninstall the Catalyst and download the Nvidia driver but I was wondering if I needed to do any other cleaning like a few of you mentioned. I remember one time I had to clean the registry manually, that was a pain and didn't solve the issue I was having lol.
  7. I didn't bother with removing the AMD drivers for the 7790 and the 560Ti runs just fine with the AMD drivers still installed.
  8. Ccleaner helps you with the registry, now it's not that necessary as OS takes care of most things, but never hurts to do some extra steps just to be sure! :)

    PS: And as said above, not uninstalling them won't affect the performance of the new card because they'll be "disabled" if the cards are no longer connected
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