Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 sound problems

I have a Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 mobo, and problem is sound, it wont work, i tried cleaning jacks, reinstaling drivers, changed to linux to see if it will work but no, it shows that headphones are connected in front panel but i have no front panel at all, wont work even if i change settings to to play att both sides.. and it constantly gives some quite clicking sounds on speakers. speakers are working fine on other devices
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  1. Hello... Go to your CONTROL PANEL - SOUND, and Click on the device/output you want sound to come from.
  2. already did everything that can be normaly set,..
    on the sound control windows registers that sound is playing and the green bars are moving, but there is no sound on the speakers..
    its a weird problem..
    on linux in constanly glithes between headphones and speakers, its like something is cosing some interferense
    using win 8.1 now
  3. Hello... is it set to Stereo Speakers?
    Reset the Sound Hardware APP to default/stereo.
    Did you load the proper Hardware Driver for your MB hardware? look in your Device manager.
  4. yes, yes, and yes.. already did that, i wrote in first post..
  5. Hello... what is the Name of the Device that you are trying to use in your Control Panel?
    What is the Driver Author?
    What is the Driver version?
    Have you Let Windows go out to look for a Update for it?
    Have you checked Asus for a Newer Version of the Audio hardware on your MB?
  6. everithing is new and fresh and up to date, i aint no pro, but i sure aint no noob, done all usual things that can be done..
    another thing, i just tried and conected via team viewer from laptop, and it transfers sound, so it can render sound but no output from mobo..
  7. just instaled a new win and problem is the same, it detects sound, it shows that it plays sound but no sound coming from mobo, guess its gona go for replament, too bad, it lasted 25days only..
  8. Ironsounds said:
    Hello... Go to your CONTROL PANEL - SOUND, and Click on the device/output you want sound to come from.
  9. Sorry but Ubuntu has no "control Panel" as such but have gone to the "Sound" settings section and it is all checked OK.
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