No display or Post/Bios when starting computer

CPU- I5-3570k
MOBO - ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
RAM - Crucial Ballistic 8GB DDR3 1600
PSU - Corsair CX750M
Hard Drive - Samsung 840 EVO 120G
OS - Windows 7 64-bit

So everything has been working fine since Friday but last night when closing Rome:Total War all I got was a black screen and one program add-on pop. I closed the pop up and nothing else ever happened. I completely shut the computer off let it sit and restarted it but nothing shows(Post/Bios)....I am getting power to my mouse and keyboard though cause the lights on both come on. Everything so far is leading me to a dead GPU.

Thank for the help in advance!
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  1. Hello... plug into your MB Video connector, and see if your Computer will boot to the IGT/CPU Video Output.
  2. I was just about to give an update on this and saw your post. I am a semi newb when it comes to computers but have a decent understanding. If what you are asking me to do is get the computer to boot using the built in graphics processor vs the 660. I just got back to work from doing that but I just removed the graphics cards cause I wanted it to have it to return it after work. The first time I booted the comp, windows loaded but it was a black screen with same stupid icon that I mentioned in the first post and the cursor. So I rebooted it in safe mode and windows opened fine. Then I tried rebooting normally and windows finally came back up. So now I am thinking it may be some software that got installed.
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    Hello... Yes " Crap in = Crap out"... Yes Freeware/software can turn a speedy fresh Windows install into crawling, stumbling, non-booting machine... As a General practice, Always RE-BOOT Windows after each software/App install, Do not install over install, without a Re-Boot... Software will and can change Your original Good Windows settings.... When you do encounter a problem, You can Install a Restore point from a previous known good Windows settings point... Also you can CREATE a Restore point before installing any Software/Apps.
  4. Well thank you for the responses Ironsounds! But I actually figured out that I made a newb mistake when I originally hooked everything up. Basically there was a conflict between the integrated graphics and the add-on card. I was not paying attention to which HDMI port I plugged the monitor into and once I had the computer running again it dawned on me that I had a graphics card installed but was running the monitor on the MOBO HDMI. Which i could be wrong about but because of where the cable was plugged into I was getting my feed from the integrated GPU, hence causing the MOBO to not know what they heck I was trying to do and caused the problem. Everything is running perfect again except for the damn malware i got from cnet when trying to download Everest.
  5. Hello... Ya Avoid Cnet now for any Downloads... go to Guru3d to avoid that BS... someone should start a Class Action suit.
    You can Load the Restore Point, before the CNET Onslaught.
  6. Well thank you again you think what I explained was the issue or could it of been something else that stopped acting up. With the "restore" I never set up a restore point when I first loaded windows. I know this is a newb question and I am sure I could find it by googling it myself but you been so awesome I figured I would ask you. I there is no restore point can I still revert it back or at this point would it be better just to reformat and start fresh with a known good restore point?
  7. Hello... Windows is defaulted to make a restore point, anytime it asks your permission to install/run software... It just fixes the Registry, it Does Not delete actual files you Loaded on your Hardrive.
    Get used to making a restore point when you are loading Something New, and it will save you alot of Time or worry later.
  8. Appreciate all the help and your a good person for taking the time to answer my silly questions!
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