IPS Monitor for around £200 (Photo + Gaming)

I'm having a lot of trouble with choosing a new monitor and I am being told different things from different sources. And I have a few questions.

23" vs 23.8"? There seems to be a big price difference from 23" to 24", is it worth it?

Response time? Does it matter? 5ms, 6ms, 8ms? Will I notice? ( I currently have a 5ms )

Asus PB238Q or Asus VN248H?

Can someone suggest a monitor around this price point with:
- Small bezel
- Matte finish
- 23" - 24"
- Reasonable response time for gaming
- Low input lag
- IPS (This is a must, for photo editing, and my general happiness, haha!)
- Solid stand

I really need it to meet this criteria, can you help me?

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  1. rico22 said:
    The ASUS VS239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD LED IPS Monitor for
    $165.99 on amazon

    How does the PB23 stack up to that? The bezel on that looks very glossy for my liking, as too is the stand, I don't want something fingerprint prone! It seems to be an e-IPS panel too, not ah-IPS which, If i'm not mistaken, is better. Remember, my budget is around £200 ($250)!
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