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Are Computer cases front panel wires universal to any motherboard or when i get new mobo should i also get new wires and if so witch ones?
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    The front panel wires should be universal, the wires will say what they do on the connector, i.e. PWR SW for your power button, and your MOBO manual will tell you where to plug that in on the new board.
  2. don't worry , those cables from case will work with any motherboard that fits in that case.
  3. Ya they are universal.
    Cade wires are comaptible with every mobo.
    Wires have standard notations and clearly tell what they are made for.
    For more info consult case and mobo manual.
  4. Awesome thank you yeah I know it will tell me where to put em just wanted to make sure that motherboards dont come with different wire hook up thank you all for the replies if I could picked all as solution would of lol yeah I think my case will fit an atx mobo azza solaris mid tower? Doesnt say atx case when I look it up just mid tower
  5. Mid tower usually means ATX case.
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