ASROCK 990FX Extreme 9 + AMD 9590 crashes after a while

Hey guys,

my Rig.

Mainboard: ASROCK 990FX Extreme 9
CPU: AMD 9590
Ram: Corsair xms3 2x2GB
Kingston KVR 2x2GB
Graphic: Powercolor HD 7870
PSU: COBA 650 Watt
HDD. Samsung HD103UJ 1TB

The Problem is my System crashes after while in Win7. Mostely after 1-2 Hours. Sometimes into Black and sometimes into White Screen i even had a striped screen sometimes. I did Memtest and i passed without problems. played bf4 for a while worked fine also. But i am always havin these chrashes after a while. excuse my bad english i'am not nativ speaking. Maybe someone can help me. tell me if you need more information. thanx Poetron
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  1. What cooler do you have on your CPU? If your CPU is overheating those are the exact symptoms.
  2. I have a Arctic Freezer Xtreme, I monitored my CPU temperature and it never went above 60*C. it crsahes in moments when the cpu is in no use, so i dont think its the cpu temperture
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    Mixing multiple RAM kits is not recommended. While there is a chance it will work, such a configuration is not guaranteed to work. What kind of timings, memory clock settings you use would be based on guesswork.

    Ram: Corsair xms3 2x2GB
    Kingston KVR 2x2GB
  4. both ddr3 1333mhz in my old system they worked fine together, but i removed both kingston this morning to check for stability. had 1 crash today (memtest after i removed them was ok)
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