Dell Optiplex 760 Mini Tower CPU Upgrade from Dual Core to Quad Core?

Hello, I have a Dell Optiplex 760 (Mini Tower)

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / 3.0 GHz
Intel Q45 Express Chipset
AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz ) 235.0 Watt PSU

1.0 (total) / 0.0 (free) x PCI Express x16 - Low-profile
^^This slot has this card in it.

My question is this. I want to improve my performance while playing games and I feel like I need to upgrade to a quad core processor. Is there a good one that will fit in the board I currently have? Is there a way to ONLY have to replace the processor WITHOUT having to add fans/ a new PSU? I appreciate any and all help with this matter. Thank You.
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  1. There is no other CPU option that will fit in the board I have?
  2. It all depends on which motherboard you have as to what you have for CPU options. Can you identify which motherboard is in your system? It should be either the T674K or the U562N. You can find this out by entering your systems service tag on Dell's support site. The T674K only supports dual core CPU's where as the U562N will support quad core CPU's.
  3. Google CpuZ, download it, install it, run it. It will tell you which motherboard type you have. Or open the PC and see if you can figure it out that way.

    If it's T674K, you can't upgrade the CPU, that board does not support quad cores.

    If it's U562N you should be able to replace the CPU with some quad from the Q8000 or Q9000 series.

    You really need to talk to Dell support IMO.
  4. CPU-Z says the model # is 0G214D
    chipset -> Q45/Q43 Rev 03
    southbridge -> 82801JD (ICH10D)

    this is chinese to me.. so hopefully this helps
  5. Listed below are your CPU options for that board.

    38G73 E7400, 2.8GHz
    F31F5 E7500, 2.93GHz
    06YMG Wolfdale Dual Core E7600, 3.06GHz
    H399J Wolfdale Dual Core E8400, 3.0GHz
    D923J Wolfdale Dual Core E8500, 3.16GHz
    N654J Wolfdale Processor E8600, 3.33GHz

    Your stock dell heat sink and PSU should be able to handle the higher end list of these processors but I would still conduct load testing to ensure it will hold up under pressure.

    Honestly though if your set on keeping that system I would see if you cannot find one of the Quad core motherboards on ebay to swap out with your dual core board so you can switch to the quad cores.
  6. see.. the only problem with that is that I know how to install a lot of things on a computer, but, I have never replaced a motherboard and im afraid I would just f it up. How do I conduct load testing? Can you explain the process to me? I definitely dont want to break anything. Also, maybe im missing something.. i did a quick google search of the options you listed... it appears all of these are dual core.. if im wrong, can you point me to a quad core that will fit and maybe like something on newegg for reference? Thanks!
  7. Basically the only options you have for the motherboard that is currently in your Dell are dual core CPU's. The process of swapping out the motherboard is a rather simple process and in order to use a quad core CPU you will need to switch to the other other motherboard that comes in the quad core version of the Dell you have. If you are dead set on switching to a quad core I can point you at a link to the proper motherboard, a location to buy the quad core CPU, and some videos on how to switch out the motherboard.

    If you do decide to switch to a quad core after everything is installed you will want to run Prime95 on the system while closely monitoring the temp of the CPU with HWMonitor to ensure the heat sink you reused from your dual core will be able to handle the temps.
  8. That would be great to have those links.. it would be really sweet to find like a package deal on newegg with the mobo+cpu together.. usually they have good deals like that, but i just dont even know what to look for.
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    Here is a link to the motherboard you would need:

    Here is a link to the CPU you should be looking at:

    Here is a link to the power supply you will need to power the new CPU:

    Here is a link to the thermal compound I recommend for when it comes times to reinstall the heat sink on the new CPU:

    With these parts you should be able to just perform a swap out of the old components with these new components and you should be good. Your current heat sink should be able to handle the new CPU just fine as both your current CPU and the new one have the same TDP. Ensure when it comes time to reinstalling the heat sink on the CPU you follow the instructions for applying the Arctic Silver thermal compound to the processor and heat sink to the T to ensure proper heat sink performance. Below I included a link to a handy youtube video that will give you a run down on how to swap the motherboard on your system.

    Note that your system may slightly differ but the instructions are still along the same lines. When removing the tiny connectors on the motherboard (Should be 1 wire connectors) remember where they go! This can be hard for people to remember which pins they connect to, writing down how they went on is a good way to get it right the first time. Also taking a picture of your motherboard as it sits in your system before installing the new one is handy just in case you need to reference back to see how something went!
  10. do you think that the motherboard will fit in the optiplex 760 case? I know that it is not a standard case and some people have had trouble with it.. maybe i should just replace that too.. lol
  11. If you want to go with a new case that will work as well! That motherboard states it works with the Mini Tower, that is the form factor you have correct? If you would like to switch to a new case I can edit the list of items you will need to support the new case, you would only be incurring the cost of the new case, alittle more for a new power supply for the case, and a heat sink with a fan to cool the new CPU. Let me know which root you decide to go I would be happy to make some recommendations for your application!
  12. I think I will be keeping the case that I currently have if it will all fit for sure. Thank you so much for your help, you have been great!
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