Poor Performance with Crossfire Setup (Battlefield 4)

Hello all, I'm new here to tom's hardware. I do read the forums, first time posting. I'm hoping there's some out there that has a solution to my problem.

So here it goes. I just upgraded my system. Pretty much everything:

AMD FX8350 (4.0ghz stock clocked)
H60 Water Cool
(2) R9 270x 4gb
MSI 970A-G46
8gb memory

With crossfire enabled, I am not seeing any sort of performance increase what so ever. Here's a screen shot of what my GPU usage looks like.

I've disabled ULPS, and also unparked my cores. I'm trying to figure out if this is a Driver issue, Hardware issue, or it's just the game. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced!
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  1. GPU 1 usage is unusually low. Are both cards running at the same clock speed? Try switching the cards to see if any effect.
  2. huilun02 said:
    GPU 1 usage is unusually low. Are both cards running at the same clock speed? Try switching the cards to see if any effect.

    I haven't tried switching the cards around, I will try this tonight. I can also try disabling the AMD graphics overdrive in CCC. But I think this is a common problem in BF4.
  3. Crossfire is supposed to run very well in Battlefield 4, with resulting performance close to 200% of a single card.
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    Are they the same brand and clocks? I'm running a Crossfire 270X setup with a Visiontek 270X and an XFX 270X. One is factory clocked higher than the other so in order to get them to work in Crossfire I enabled Graphics Overdrive and clocked both of them to 1100mhz Core, 1500mhz Mem, and 20% Power.

    Also, make sure your computer is in high performance power mode.
  5. I have concluded that the game does not simply support my crossfire setup. Crysis 2 runs fine with it, BF4, not so much.
  6. That conclusion can't be true! I have the same Crossfire setup and get IMMENSE gains with Crossfire enabled--something else is wrong...have you tried a clean reinstall of the drivers and the game?
  7. I wish it was true for me too, friend. Yes, I have tried clean installs using DDU. Currently on 14.3 drivers. You know what I've forgotten to try though? Raising the power limit to 20%. I think I will try this later on tonight.

    When I enable VSync, I get catastrophic stuttering. But even with Crossfire enabled running fullscreen isn't all that impressive either.

    Single card I get 80-120fps. Crossfired I get about the same :P
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