Do you want to change you're I does 7 colour scheme, question.

Hey all, I just had this message pop up on you rig, I have disabled it so tot can't happen again, but my question is, where does this originate from, and what exactly can it mean?

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  1. Certain CPU/GPU combinations don't work well with high color/aero settings, and to get better performance out of the PC, Windows will ask you if you want to change it to achieve the better performance.
  2. So it is nothing to worry about I take it?
  3. Nothing to worry about. AERO interface in Windows, and high color settings utilize system resources, and with lower end CPU/GPU combinations or low amounts of memory, Microsoft is just being a pain in the a** reminding you can run a few things slightly faster if you disable AERO.
  4. I've only really got low memory, my cpu and gpu are about mid range :p but thanks :)
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