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I have a MSI KA780g motherboard. I was wondering what the best GPU is that would work with this motherboard. I have 8gb ram, 550w psu, and i am using an amd phenom ii x4 920 cpu. I currently have an ATi Radeon 4670HD, doesnt seem to be doing the trick. When i look at the booklet i was given, it says i can use either nvidia or radeon. 9800 nvidia and 4850 hd is the highest of both brands. I feel like i can get more but i am not sure, help me out!
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  1. Well, this motherboard is pretty old, but it should be able to use any of the GPU's from the Radeon HD series. I use a Radeon 7850, but honestly I think you need to upgrade your board to use any high level GPU's. It appears to only have PCIe 1.0 which is pretty slow. I suggest you get a motherboard that supports PCIe 3.0 for faster GPU's. A new motherboard shouldn't cost you that much anyway.
  2. It had a PCI-e 2.0. What board would you recommend with the components that I have now?
  3. In that case the same as before , the radeon 7850 says that it is a pcie3.0 card, but it is backwards compatible, and it is not powerful enough to run at pcie3.0 anyway. It's a really good card for the price as well. I got the xfx version, and I love it.
  4. with my motherboard and all it should be ok to run with no bottlenecking or issues? what are your components?
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    Well mine is running on pcie2.0 currently with no bottlenecks so you should be fine. My specs are on my profile under personal info.
  6. Awesome! I am thinking about buying the 7850 2gb, not sure yet. Do you think the 550w psu is good enough?
  7. I use a 500watt, so yeah your good
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