GeForce GTX 650 Ti vs. GeForce GTS 450 as a Dedicated PhysX card?

I am thinking of using this card as a dedicated PhysX card for the Batman Arkham Assylum series. I don't have much experience with Kepler based parts outside of the theoreticals. From my understanding, the Kepler architecture is extremely weak in terms of its compute abilities. As I plan to use this card as a dedicated PhysX card (paired with Dual Asus Radeon R9 290x's using the PhysX workaround), I was wondering if it would be stronger or weaker than my Fermi based GeForce GTS 450 card (for PhysX)?


(PS. I game at 5760x1080).
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    When it comes to PhysX, its all about how many CUDA Cores it has. Whichever has more, use that one.
  2. That would seem to indicate that the GTX 650 Ti is the card to pick considering it has 768 CUDA cores vs. 192 CUDA cores for the GTS 450. I assumed that the fact that Kepler has weaker individual cores would play a role in PhysX performance. Based on what you're saying it doesn't. PhysX is more parallel heavy I guess?
  3. To my knowledge, Fermi is stronger than Kepler in general compute applications, but that comes down to the GPU itself rather than CUDA.
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