Worth changing from AHCI to RAID to take advantage of Rapid Storage?

I have a SSD and HDD and set up with AHCI. I realize now I cannot take advantage of Intel Rapid Storage. Is it worth going through the gyrations to switch to RAID? I understand that will likely not allow me to have Samsung RAPID cache technology use through Magician, which is amazing. Which is the better alternative, Intel Rapid Storage or Samsung Rapid Cache/Turbowrite... or is it a push or is it the same thing?
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    Its notthe same thing as Intels solution would cache the HDD where Samsungs does not. How many apps do you run off the HDD as compared to the SSD? Most people install their frequently used stuff onto the SSD and so would see little benefit from Intels rapidcache
  2. Ahhh. So if I have a 256GB SSD with all my applications on it and only store data on my HDD there is no/little benefit derived from Intel Rapid Storage Acceleration?
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