Will this GPU work with a Micro ATX motherboard in a Mid-Tower case?

Hi again. I'm helping a friend shop for parts to build a gaming PC. We're pretty much done, but I have a question that might help reduce the price.

At the moment we're going to get a full ATX motherboard, a Mid-Tower case, and this XFX R9 270X for the GPU. Those are the only components we need to discuss here, so let me get to the point.

I did say we were going to get a full ATX board, but a Micro one would be a bit cheaper, and I've just been wondering about this for a while anyway.

Will a GPU that long (10.28" inches) fit in/work with a Micro ATX mobo? I honestly don't see why not. A PCIe slot is the same on a Micro as it is on a Full. The problem is fitting it inside the case, right? I can say with certainty that the GPU will fit inside the mid-tower case we've chosen, as I have an even longer (10.5") GPU inside my mid-tower, except my mobo is a Full ATX Z77 board.

This might seem like a silly question - Of course it will fit on the Micro motherboard. It's just a PCIe slot, same as always. Just, one of the reviews for this specific graphics card mentioned that he recommended at least a mid-tower case, and NOT to use a micro ATX motherboard. It got me thinking... maybe too much.

So... would it be fine to go with a micro ATX board with such a long card?

Also, while we're at it... are there any major recommendations from you guys to ensure this long card will fit in the case/motherboard/etc before ordering everything?

Thanks in advance for the help. I appreciate it.

P.S. It has occurred to me that you may very well want to see which Micro ATX motherboard and Mid-Tower case I have in mind in order to give an accurate answer.

This motherboard OR this motherboard
This case
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  1. As you say, a PCI-E slot is the same no matter if it is on a Micro ATX or a standard ATX board. As long as it will physically fit in the case you are using and you can supply enough power, any card should work.

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    There's no difference in a micro-ATX mobo, other than fewer slots.

    You're fine.

    Only thing is that it's more common for the GPU to get in the way of the connectors on the board when there's less room and a long GPU, but the 270X shouldn't be an issue.
  3. you shouldnt worry about the mobo. no issue at all
    but please measure your case first, what is the max gpu card length allowed in the case?
  4. Most motherboards today will accept any graphics card sizes. Imagine the Asus Maximus VI Impact, which is a $230 miniITX motherboard not fitting a $725 dollar GTX 780 Ti graphics card. Just saying.

    Right now, it depends on what case you use. I recommend getting the Cougar Spike
    It can fit a 330mm (13 inches) video card which I do believe it doesn't exist today but who knows.
  5. Thanks for the help, everyone. As I suspected, the motherboard doesn't matter. Thanks for confirming it!

    I have this case for my own PC:

    I think we've decided on this case now:

    I fit a 10.5" card in the HAF 912 just fine, and comparing the two interior side-images, I don't think the above case will put up a fight.
    But thanks for the suggestion, sweenytodd, will definitely consider that one as well. Not sure about a mini case, though, even if it will fit large GPUs!

    Thanks again for the help. Appreciated.
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