How does this computer look for its price? Can it handle games ok?

I'm hoping it will serve two purposes:
1. Play StarCraft 2/DOTA on high graphics settings & videos/streams smoothly
2. Not lag when I have 10 or more internet tabs open as I need them when I'm doing reports for work
3. Last a few years, with maybe 4-5 hours of daily use.

Newegg Link of PC:
StarCraft 2 Minimum/Recommended Requirements (From Blizzard):

Many friends of mine have encouraged me to build my own PC from scratch, but as I am a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff, I'd rather not. From what I've seen, most PC's with an i7 processor, 8GB RAM and NVIDIA 760 cost ~1300 or more, so to me this looks a very nice price.
Also I don't care for the mouse and keyboard that come with it, I'm looking only at the case itself.

TLDR; Can this PC handle SC2 well? Decent price for its specifications?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    Yeah that is pretty good for the price (obviously more than building yourself though)
    I would pick it up.
    With a Phenom II X4 956 and a 760 I can run SC2 at 45-120 average FPS (45 during late game battles and those FFAs man)
    You may need a new psu, which is easy.
  2. I wouldn't go for it. It's almost certainly got a crap PSU that will blow up just outside the 1-year warranty taking the rest of the PC with it.

    Also, there's little difference between an i5 and an i7 for gaming.
  3. It's a good PC for the games you want to play, but note that it is highly overpriced. It is not worth that much and like your friends I recommend you build your own PC
  4. Its not that overpriced actually. About 300 for CPU and PSU, add 250 for the graphics card, 70 for ram, 70 for hdd, 100 for motherboard, 50 for case, 30 for cooler, brings you up to about 880 bucks, include 60 for the peripherals and thats 940 dollars. Not bad for a prebuilt, but not the best either.
    You pay for knowledge.
  5. I think I'll go for it, but if it's a bust, I now have someone to blame. Thanks to you all, Gam3r01 especially <3
  6. Single 760? 500W is plenty:

    Hive 550.
  7. Thanks <3<3<3 for the responses again. A psu replacement should be easy, just in case. Waiting for delivery now :D
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