Trying dual monitors with integrated and dedicated gpus.

I've searched to no avail. I have an onboard intel hd graphics 2000 and evga gtx 760, I want to use both gpu's. The intel for small monitor (research and reading), and 760 for hdtv. I just want to be able to have the option of switching between the two monitors without having to plug and unplug adapters. I can probably use the 760 for both monitors if I purchase additional cords, such as dvi since it's already on the video card, but currently I have only hdmi cords and prefer make that work if possible. I've try going into the bios at loadup, but there doesn't appear to be any options of allowing dual gpu. Any help or idea is welcome. Thank you.
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  1. Are you trying to use both monitors at the same time in an extended desktop configuration, or am I understanding incorrectly? I'm not sure since you're talking about switching out adapters.
  2. go back into BIOS and look for "primary graphics" and set that to onboard instead of PCIe. it may be under a northbridge menu, but it should be there, somewhere.
  3. @MongoSmash Just one monitor at a time, but two at the same time would be even better.

    @giantbucket I went back into BIOS and could not find anything related to primary graphics or PCIe.
    Here are the options I see upon BIOS setup utility screen: Main, Advanced, Power, Security, Boot Options, and Exit. Within Advanced, the options are Miscellaneous, Advanced Chipset Configuration, Integrated Peripherals, and PC Health Status. Most options are already in 'enabled' mode. Enabling these options cause me to not have access to Nvidia control panel: Intel AES-NI and Onboard LAN option ROM. Would that be what I'm looking for?
  4. what's the motherboard you have? we'll look through the manual to find out where the setting is.
  5. giantbucket said:
    what's the motherboard you have? we'll look through the manual to find out where the setting is.

    I believe it's an H67.
  6. need more info. manufacturer would be nice, but model number is key. you can either take the panel off to find a part number printed on the motherboard, or run a simple program called CPU-Z to get info on what you have.

    link to site, downloads on right hand side:

    link to get the executable:
  7. Oh, gotcha. Under Mainboard, the manufacturer is Gateway and Model is DX4860. Hopefully that is what you were looking for. Thanks giantbucket.
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    oh. hmm. gateway's manual doesn't show the breakdown of the BIOS menus. you might need to step through the BIOS bit by bit, but those menus aren't that long. most likely you'll find the graphics under the integrated or chipset menu.

    or, you might be SOL and gateway might have their own BIOS which limits what you can even do. i haven't had a gateway machine since 2006, so i don't know what they like to do.

    if that seems like a long-winded pain in the ass after a while, a DVI-to-HDMI cable can be bought for less than $10 on eBay. i've bought a few and they work perfectly when i need them. (if you're in canada, i can recommend eBay seller "yellowprice" from markham, ont)
  9. I think you're right about Gateway limiting what one can do with the BIOS. I've checked the entire options available and nothing much there. Thanks again giantbucket.
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