Getting a 120hz driver for my 40'' Samsung UN40D6420UH LED TV

So, I'm trying to figure out where/how I can get a120hz driver to run my display.. my pc recognizes the display as a "generic plug'n'play", and I was hoping somebody had some idea how/where to get the driver to make it refresh properly.
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  1. i googled the model you describe but there is no result, are you sure you are giving us the proper model code? I think the sticker on samsung monitors describes it exactly like that "Model Code"

    Anyway, the best way for this to work manually is visit the samsung website and see if there are any drivers for your tv for pc connection.
  2. Yeah it says the model number is UN40D6420UF, not UH
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    What connector/cable are you using?
    Try using HDMI or DVI specifically. VGA will just give you that "generic display".

    Monitors do not normally have any form of drivers that need to be installed. The information that specifies the driver is usually sent over the digital cable(HDMI or DVI) so that the graphics card drivers detect them.
    Unfortunately TVs are not the same as normal monitors. They do not necessarily have the ability to communicate its own digital signature to the computer.

    It should not really matter actually as long as your graphics driver is installed correctly, the screen will run as it should.
  4. Come right? :)
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