Windows 7 install cant see my HDD or SSD NEED HELP

Hello all !

Just built my new pc today, all the hardware went in fine and seems to be working.

I have tried to install windows 7 by usb and the cd, both work fine until it comes to direct windows where to install and it cant find my HDD or SSD. Windows says there is no storage devices and that drivers are needed, I checked online and I found that Sata drivers come with the windows 7 install.
The SSD is new 120gb samsung evo 6gb/s it is detected in the bios and is supported.
The HDD is from my old pc it is a WD caviar black 1tb. It is detected in the bios and is supported. I know that this hard drive works fine because 4 months ago I brought it new and installed windows 7 no problems with my install disc. I formated that drive but windows still wont pick it up at the install.
I have tried formating and Partitioning the drive on another pc, the problem still remained.

The sata is set to AHCI, IDE wont work either.

Now the thing is in Diskpart in DSM I type "list disk" and get nothing meaning windows isnt seeing ethier drives. I have been here for 6 hours trying to work it out and all the other post dont have soulutions that help.

I have tried all the sata ports, windows 7 home premium and windows 7 ultimate edition both with the same issue. Starting to get really fustrated any help would be great.

My mother board is a Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3, GPU is Asus GTX 770, CPU I5 4670k, Ram is 16 gb of corsiar vengence ram, PSU is FSP 550 CM gold.
Could this be a mother board problem?

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    either turn off uefi in the bios or instll windows in uefi mode which you do by :

    set the bios to boot the ssd (hdd should be disconnected)
    insert the win7 install disk or flash drive.
    save and reboot
    watch your screen for the press Fx to select boot device (often its f10) or simular message
    select to boot from the uefi option listed
    the rest is the same as a standard windows install

    edit - I forgot to mention that your windows7 or 8 must be 64bit editions. no 32 bit editions have uefi support.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Turns out its a hard ware issue.
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