Best 120mm and 200mm Case Fans Available.

Hi guys,

Just want to know the best 120mm and 200mm fan's out there, I have a Corsair 600T black edition. I've been researching and these are the fans that's been getting my attention.

Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15
Noctua NF-F12 PWM
Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition

Silent MegaFlow
AeroCool Silent Master
BitFenix Spectre Pro 200m

Any Suggestions out there?
Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Noctua's are probably the best, but where I live they are very expensive, so I suggest the Corsair Sp120 and the Bit Fenix Spectre.
  2. Only Problem is their colour scheme.
  3. Noctua are easily the best but god are they ugly! Lol why I went with corsair and led's
  4. Executeorder66 said:
    Noctua are easily the best but god are they ugly! Lol why I went with corsair and led's

    Which Corsair fans are you using? I'm considering to get 2 of those 120mm high performance& air flow ones as top exhaust. But still trying to make up my mind. My other options are Thermalright TY 143 (or 147) and Aerocool Shark 140. Noctua is very expensive here and never seen Arctic Cooling, Cougar and Scythe around for a long time...
  5. Im running 6 Corsair Quiet fans in my case, airflow is pretty good, I guess performance will just have better airflow.
  6. If the amount of noise an issue?

    The Corsair SP120 Performance will be best, in terms of raw performance, followed by Gentle Typhoons and Cougars.

    I really like Cougar fans, my only issue is that they use sub-par PWM circuitry that can cause a higher-pitched tone when in use. If you control the RPM via voltage, though, there is no issue.
  7. I went for 2 SP120 high performance edition to put on top as intake(push) and AF 120 quiet edition to be placed at the rear.
    I went and ordered BitFenix Spectre Pro 200m since they're the only thing that looks nice and performance great. :)

    question about the corsairs' though, should I get the PWM version or the ordinary one's?
  8. Best answer
    Personal choice, as well as dependent on your motherboard. If you have a lot of 4-pin PWM fan headers, get the PWM variants. If you have three-pin headers that are capable of voltage control, you'll be fine there too.

    If you have a hardware fan controller, it won't matter, unless you have a fan controller than is not compatible with 4-pin fans.
  9. Great. I'm going for the Corsairs too then. I need to wait for them to get in the stocks though.
  10. Hey Everyone,

    Massdrop has a 3 pack of the Cougar Vortex PWM CF-V12HP's for $40.99 !!!
  11. For 120mm Cooler Master Jet FLo is really good, it is PWM and i use it,
    for 200mm Cooler MAster Mega FLow is good but it is 3 pin and i use it.
    Not much 200mm are out there performing good but for 120mm Jettflo is the best that i have ever used.
  12. Do you guys know what Fan has a Yellow LED available?
  13. Hi,

    I own a 600T case as well.
    I changed the top 200mm fan with 2 140mm noctua fans.
    However, you won't be able to change the front 200mm fan... It has irregular dimensions (thiner than usual - 20mm) so other 200mm fans just won't fit (BitFenix Spectre Pro are 25mm thick).

    I hope this helps...
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