msi motherboaard command center software dram voltage setting

hello, i have a question about msi motherboard command centerdram voltage
my ram is ddr 3 kingston 1600 1.5v what will happen if i use dram voltage adjust to above 1.5v to 2.0v? will the ram fried up the motherboard or something?

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  1. bump it up very slowly say, 1.5, 1.51, 1.52 etc, if you go up to fast (especially if they are new) they will burn out, think of it as if you were cooking some food, slowly and carefully finds the perfect overclock if that is what you are going for, worst case scenario your ram will overheat or just fry instantly but the mobo wont damage unless you set it to something stupidly high :)
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    With 1.5 sticks you are generally considered safe up to about 1.65 - 1.7 is about the max, and YES, it can damage the mobo, as well as backwash and damage the MC (memory controller) which is part of your CPU (in most newer CPUs/APUs)
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