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Hello. I have a sony KDL-32ex301.My PS3 hooked up with an HDMI an fine. Then out of the blue it has a black screen

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January 23, 2014 6:21:56 AM

Hello. I have a sony KDL-32ex301. Love it I have it since 2010 when it was released. So for 2 yrs the game was great then one day I turn it on to see a black screen. I reset the ps3 and the TV. used all HDMI ports ,used a different cable no luck. It used the ps3 on another TV and it's fine. The TV does pick up,the HDMI when I sync it and it changes over to a black screen with the banner at the top saying HDMI1 (play station 3) other then basic troubleshooting I'm lost as to what to do. Oh also sometimes for a brief moment I can see the PS3 screen flash on then back to black. I greatly appreciate you all taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for your help it sorely needed. Many Thanks
January 28, 2014 5:34:54 AM

Have you hooked anything else up to this TV to see if it works other than the PS3?

The only other immediate troubleshooting step I can recommend is try resetting the default settings on your PS3 by long-pressing the power button. You'll hear the first beep when you press it, but keep holding down until you hear a second beep, then let go. Your PS3 will start up with its resolution settings reset, and it *should* hopefully show up, providing that other media plays on your Sony TV just fine.
July 22, 2014 8:19:14 AM

No longer a problem, the fix get rid of it ;( sorry. But the only way the Tv doesn't have severe problem , meaning $150+ to fix is if you missed the update it was explained by a sony rep that the last update (few she said) where for this very problem with the hdmi ports my tv was reading my cable or ps3 it would find it and do the auto switch to it but then stay that way. So if this is you ask sony how to get the update BTW IF ITS 5.0.6 or similar you need the update. Ok ask the rep. How you can update it and they will send out a flask drive with it. I had sony on the phone when I put it in a had the walk me throw the process. Which if they have to the Bravia is broke. You should put flash in TV with TV off then turn it on with the remote power button not The TVs I was told that by more then one rep. But on with the remot and it should be in the process. Where mine wouldn't read it . UGH . then they say $200 and the broke tv for a tv with same or higher specs. Cool I'm in it came in a week 5 days put the old tv in the box and tell fed ex to get it no cost. WELL here this tv is having color issues where it flicks to a green or yellow tint so I told them send me a replacement for the replacement and I will never get another sony tv ever and I'm 30 yo I have them for 25 yrs since a black and white only sony with the knobs to the pink and red trintrons and loved my Bravia in 2010 but the support is as bad as I've dealt with so I'll get the tv going to get the 2 yr warranty for $20 and sell it online. If I get my $225 back I'm happy. But now over the week end I bought a ps4 $350 with infamous sec. Son and ps+ . Its a great deal and I'm getting a new tv so I went for it. Like I said I only had sonys. I know for 32"-40" it Vizio, Samsung or LG. Log is put lowest specs highest price I'm in to the vizios1080 hz 120 but I have no idea. Is a samsung am vizio very close in capability ? I don't want exerts it for gaming I want a fast resesh rate and to prevent tearing and lag. Is this correct and please if you favor one over the other let me know Many Thanks