HP laptop won't print wirelessly with Epson WF 2540

Have Bonjour on my HP laptop running Win 7. Opened Bonjour and it located my Epson WF 2540 and downloaded the drivers. Opened Print facility on the HP and selected the Epson as the default printer. Then tried to print a test article from the internet. The Epson immediately activated and pulled a sheet of paper through but didn't print anything. What am I doing wrong ? FYI, my iMac, iPhone and iPad Air print perfectly.
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  1. Try using the supplied epson driver disk.

    Why are you trying to use Bonjour instead of just using the normal drivers/software?
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    You shouldn't need to use Bonjour (Apple service for use with iTunes & iPhones/iPods) to locate a printer. Ideally, your Epson printer should be connected directly to the router (either through WiFi or a direct Ethernet cable), so that any device connecting to the same router can simply locate it as a network printer. The driver/install disk that came with the Epson printer should have allowed you to do that.

    It's also possible that, as with other printer manufacturers (HP, Lexmark, etc.), Epson requires a utility program to be running in order to print. Note that this is separate from the actual drivers used to connect to the printer, & would only have been available from Epson, not Bonjour.

    Remove the printer from your laptop, remove the drivers, then use the Epson disk to install it from scratch.
  3. Thanks. HP and Epson now connected wirelessly and printing fine.
  4. Glad to know it's working.
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