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Hello, what do you all think of running two EVGA GTX 660 FTW Sig 2 GPU's at a res of 1360X768. I know it may seem a bit overkill but i am very sensitive to framerate changes and tearing so the only way i can escape that is to run vsync at 30 or 60fps, however i also like my eye candy. Any opinions? (i am not willing to sell the 660 i currently have due to it being a reletively new gpu, and that even if i were to sell it i would get more performance out of the sli, rather than persay a GTX 770, and i am on a fairly tight budget.
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  1. what game you can't get 60fps with max setting?
  2. lets see, there is skyrim with ini tweaks, borderlands, war thunder however It is mainly due framerate fluctuations that get me because of thesensitivity to the tearing and the change in smoothness
  3. Yeah go for it, but you should still use vsync to avoid tearing, or you will get tearing from the fps being much higher than your monitor.
  4. sometimes the problem are with games. but all the game you mention should have no trouble running 60fps with 660 (except skyrim with mods maybe). did you enable v-sync? in some cases v-sync can also help smoothing apart from preventing screen tearing
  5. yes vsync is always enabled, I tend to get the most serious drops in borderlands in scenes that have a lot of antialiasing,
  6. i have antialiasing done through the nvidia control panel
  7. well AA eat a lot of performance. but personally i never really bother about AA. usually i just use FXAA. if it's not available from in game menu then i will forced it from nvidia control panel. currently i'm using 1600x900 res monitor with my signature sig. in AC4 my frame rates are dropping from 60 (v-sync enabled) to upper 40 by using x16 CSAA. and that's with 660s SLI.
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    Two GTX 660's in SLI (overclocked a bit) equals a stock GTX 780. (I had a GTX 660 SLI setup before swapping to a GTX 780, they both performed within a couple hundred points of each other on 3DMark Firestrike Extreme -- Not too shabby.)

    You'd get great FPS at 1080p with most games maxed out. Scaled down to the resolution you're playing at will only earn you more FPS as it won't be working as hard. AA is a hefty process, but if you can keep that to a minimum in demanding games, it should run smooth as silk. I can't imagine you'd be struggling for playable FPS in any game, except for something like Metro LL (which is a very demanding as it is) running SLI. As for the games you listed previously, they should be no match for an SLI setup.
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