heating core 2 quad q9300

i ran prime 95 at small fft and monitored temps from real temp 3.70 the results were like
AT 98.6% load tjmax was set to 100 degrees
AVG Distance to TJmax
core 0=0 core 1=2 core 2=1 core 3=1
i have a freezer pro 7 cooler
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  1. What is your question ?
  2. Is it okay to have these temps while testing for this standard clock speed? and would it be necessary to get new cooler for overclocking?
  3. If the distance to Tj Max is 0 and 1 on all cores then that's too high a temp , you do need new cooling. Can you post the actual temps and did you overclock the CPU ?
  4. core 1=101 degrees cor 2=98 degrees core 3=99 core 4=99
  5. Too hot , if you run the CPU at those temps consistently it will burn out. Prime95 is a stress test that will put the CPU under 100% stress and as a benchmark that will be the highest that the CPU will go since nothing else on the computer will stress the CPU at 100%.

    What you can do is monitor the temps while at idle and then while gaming or editing and see what the temps are then. That will tell you if you need a better cooler , however by Prime95 taking your CPU to the Tj Max limit it pretty much means you do need better cooling.
  6. As far as i have read this cooler can even support a mid overclock if not high. but by the looks of it i cant even handle a stress test .. could it be due to lack of thermal paste or the mounting of the cooler?
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    Applying thermal paste is as important as the heat sink itself , you need to spread it in a very thin layer because too much will act as an insulator and not allow the proper heat transfer. The heat sink also wants to fit properly and tight , if you can move it with your hand then it's too loose.
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