Direct X 10 GPU and direct X 11.1 GPU compatibility with motherboard?

I got motherboard that says it supports direct X 10 GPU, my question is , If will buy a GPU with a Direct X 11.1 feature, can I put this in a motherboard that has Direct X 10 feature?
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    on a pc the gpu and the version of the installed windows are repsosible for support or not a direct x version.
    for example you may have a gpu directx11.1 capable but to use it you also need windows 8. motherboards have nothing to do. maybe when the motherboard was purchaced dx10 was the lattest version avaliable alongside with windows vista!!
  2. What that means as far as the motherboard is the onboard GPU has support for DX10 but installing a dedicated GPU will give you what ever version that card supports.
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