New build: Ivy Bridge-E, Haswell, or Wait?

Im currently looking to build a new computer and I need to know what yall think about this. My current build has a Sandy Bridge-E, and i like it that is why im so torn between the Ivy Bridge-E or the Haswell. Or should i just wait and see what the Haswell-E has to offer? I mainly game and answer emails on my computer but i also do some CAD design and render photos and videos for my mom (shes a photographer) I would like to know if this is a huge difference in these or what? I found some information on line but its back and forward between the 2. I have the rest of the PC thought out just need to see about the CPU and MOBO.
Thank you all in advance :)
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    Haswell-e is going to have 8c/16t and then there is a general perforamance increase on 5-15% per generation.
    So 5-15% + 2c/4t peformance increase.
  2. I think ill have to just wait then, I have time
    Thank you :)
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