Help applying stock thermaltake chaser mk-1 LED fans?

Hi, as far as i can tell i've got pretty much my entire system set up! my only issue is i have no idea how to plug in my LED chassis fans! the rear fan cable was in the regular place and i had no issue setting it up. HOWEVER, the LED fans on the top and front of the chassis seem to feed into a bunch of zip-tied wires, i am assuming for tidyness, but i dont see any 3-4 pin connectors that might feed into my motherboard :\

any tips on what i should do? thanks in advance
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  1. both the front and top LED fan cables lead to the large bundle of cables, where they enter the same rubber cable protector (they are plugged in via small adapter like things), which leads to the top front of my case, this seems awfully redundant as i have no idea where they might plug in. is something wrong?
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