Operating system and computer wattage help! (Quick response please)

Hello! So I made a thread almost a month ago about choosing parts to build a new desktop, and sadly, I only received the RAM late last week after being recommended parts on this website. However I would like to get started now, although, I am now unsure about two things.

1) One being the needed wattage needed for my desktop, and If I can go over or under, or if it matters at all! I am planning on using my Stealth X steam 2 power supply 700W, which is from my old computer. Although, I am unsure is 700W is too much or too little.

However, if this doesn't work, could you recommend me a power-supply that I can use?

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My new computers specifications when built:

(x) - Means I am using from old computer

Processor: Intel core i5-4670K LGA1150
Power-supply: Stealth X Stream 2 power supply 700W (x)
Graphics card: Geforce GTX 770
Ram: Ripjaw 4GB each 2X
Motherboard: MSI z87-G43 gaming
Hardrive:Standard hardrive (x)
Case: Standard case (x)
Dvd drive: Standard DVD drive (x)

3 case fans + 2 graphics card fans + CPU fan + power supply fan = 7 fans

As I said, I have all the parts sitting next to me as I type this, and I am only waiting to confirm the build is possible with the need of a new operating system and confirmation no the power-supply.


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    Your PSU is from OCZ wich is a reliable and good manufactur, also 700W is enough for two of your GPU's, so there is no problem there.
    (Also pirating software is ilegal and this forum does not suport such things, so lets forget you said that)
    As long as you get a 64bit OS to fully use your ram, any version is fine either home or ultimate.

    Everything seems fine and should run like a beast.
    Have fun assembling.
  2. Sounds great! Thanks for the information!
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